Rewilding through dance, mindfulness 
and holistic breath practice on the land



An underground, internal, subconscious root system, which spirals in on itself towards the centre. The centre of the Labyrinth, a seeding place, of all that has gone before and of all that is yet to come. A place of choice and inner reflection. An inner compass which directs the instinctual to become conscious, in word, thought and action. The action, a movement which grows and expands from this place of seeding, spiralling outwards from its centre, towards its exterior and into the community.

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A journey in the ancient ways of our matriarchal ancestors

With Ana Angel Messenger

Learn the natural alchemical ways passed down by the ancient female matriarchs, the archetypes of woman as divine and sovereign in the communities of our foremothers, all which share a global heritage. Discover the wisdom of the Imbas, the essence of the elements as we re-wylde in nature to understand the Angels and celestial bodies that govern them. Come to know how they are very much a part of our own alchemical template as human beings, with all respect to the Aos Sí.

We are not globally divided. We encompass the earth as a whole body, as one spirit and our Ancestors and Alchemical heritage are all interconnected, all interwoven in our Earths tapestry.

Together we will prepare Alchemical herbal baths, oil blends, learn the Alchemy of woman Moon tides and the stories of our bleed and cycles and the significance of the interweaving of 3000’ year old Alchemical Sigils.

Monday 20th- Sunday 26th March2023

Boyne Valley, Ireland

E/£1111 or  E/£999 Earlybird

Can be paid in 3 instalments: 

All inclusive:

Accommodation* Food* Materials* Excursions*

Testimonial: "I am so thankful and deeply grateful to Ana for helping to clear the blockages that have restricted my voice for years. Through her Alchemical healing tools and wisdom she passes onto others. I felt all my fears, self-mistrust and lack of self-worth leave me to be replaced with clarity, purpose and power. I then auditioned for a place at BIMM and I was accepted onto the joint honours degree in singing, song writing and performance at BIMM. UK”

~Nicole, Bristol 2019

Testimonial "The readings I've had with Ana were so on point. One where we solely focused upon love within seconds into the reading she described a person dear to my heart.. describing him in detail physically and soulfully as if she knew him and our connection. She guided me into holding the vision of what was best for both of our highest good and helped me alchemise the purest essence of love. She brought me back into my power during a time of powerlessness. Ana also cleared a lot of stuck family energy that was really hindering me from moving forward. During the holistic hypnotherapy regression, she brought me through in utero and cleared energy from my time in my mother's womb and then guided me further back to source and then my past life, connecting with my authentic soul self, my light energy and through this, then aligning with my present self and my past life self and source to receive healing through my energy body. All the tools she harmoniously used, working together so that I could answer questions about my soul purpose from my higher self via my subconscious and this was just in one session! I look forward to processing all of this work on a deeper level and then again doing more work with Ana in the near future. I've tried many modalities and worked with many people over the last 15 years but Ana is right up there for me and I feel by doing her Wyse Woman Alchemy Retreat in February, I can finally clear my fog and allow my vision and purpose to be seen and acted upon. Thank you Ana for guiding me back to my light."

~Jennifer, County Clare, Ireland 2020

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